Also known as DOCTOR FISH or SPA FISH, the fish stand out with the ability to remove gently ill and dead skin. It is important that Garra Rufa feed only with the dead skin cells and never with healthy skin.

The saliva of the healing fish contains the enzyme DITHRANOL that is helpful to the skin. This enzyme is also used in medicine for preparation of skin regeneration and rejuvenation creams and lotions.

These features of GARRA RUFA fish are used in the treatment of many skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermitis, etc. in addition, the fish activate the acupunctural points of the feet (the nerve points of all important organs), stimulating blood circulation that help for keeping the nervous system balance. They also relieve the whole body and leave an overall feeling of WELLNESS and RELAX. The feeling can be compared with a pleasant tickling sense after which you feel rested. Your skin will feel soft and smooth.